National Alliance for Young People Towards a Healthy Future

Youth Alliance represents the National Alliance for Young People towards a Healthy Future. It promotes concerns of young people (10-24 years) and offers an interactive space to all those working towards their development. It is an open platform to share experiences and updated information for better communication with young people, organizations and individuals. This Open Space is a forum where adolescents and young people can learn about what is happening in other parts of India and other countries and share their own experiences. The main aim is to enable young people to voice their needs and actively participate in creating greater awareness and empowerment. For this purpose greater involvement and contribution is elicited on a wide range of over-lapping development issues in health, nutrition, education, employment, gender equality and reproductive and sexual health rights. Therefore, we invite all our members and supporters to share ideas and thereby influence national level policies and also participate in the implementation of programmes through this Open Space.